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Growing grass from scratch can be a laborious and expensive process with many variables such as sunlight, overwatering, and rising cost of the water itself. Here at Garden Supply Hardscapes in San Jose and San Carlos, we have an ample stock of pre-grown grasses to get that lawn covered quickly and beautifully. Sod will give you faster results than spreading seeds and waiting for the delicate sprouts of grass to grow into a full, lush lawn. For those who aren’t the watering type or want to cut back on the water usage, consider our artificial grass systems that stay green permanently without having to water it once. We have the products you need to seamlessly make the switch from natural grass to synthetic.

Our sod and artificial grass providers include:

San Carlos location offers drip system irrigation and fittings.

Get the yard of your dreams today! Contact us at our San Jose location at (408) 971-7600 or at our San Carlos location at (650) 595-1301 to request more information.

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