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Stunning Landscape Lighting in San Jose & San Carlos, CA

Your outdoor space is among your most cherished and valuable spaces. With Garden Supply Hardscapes stores in San Jose & San Carlos, serving the whole Bay Area you can enjoy it day and night. We are a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in elevating properties and providing homeowners with a space they absolutely love.

Tru-Scapes Logo

Tru-Scapes provides high-quality and cost-effective LED lighting for landscapes, hardscapes, and decking, manufactured by two design and build companies in Pennsylvania. Their product line is simple, efficient, and effective. It is easy to install in any outdoor space and illuminates desired features. Tru-Scapes' lighting is powered by a single source. The fixtures emit the same light beam color across the outdoor space, providing a unified look and aesthetic. Tru-Scape lights are an excellent choice for homeowners and contractors who want to minimize their SKUs.
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Alliance Logo
Alliance Outdoor Lighting

Alliance Outdoor Lighting is a landscape lighting manufacturer in Temecula, CA. They specialize in designing and building top-quality brass lighting fixtures, cutting-edge transformers, and LED lamps. Their offerings also include accessories to complement and enhance lighting systems. Alliance Outdoor Lighting lamps contain the highest voltage range industry-wide. They offer free, lifetime warranties to all homeowners, so you can trust them to provide you with top-quality products. Alliance Outdoor Lighting is your choice for unmatched value.
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Lumengy logo

Lumengy is a family-owned and operated outdoor lighting company specializing in products for hardscapes and pavers. Based in Los Angeles, CA, they've built and maintained a sterling reputation as a quality manufacturer and wholesaler. They started as paver contractors over a decade ago, then switched their attention to outdoor lighting design and manufacturing. They build and provide unique products with durable materials to withstand inclement weather. Their product line is easy for contractors to install and completes homeowners' outdoor aesthetics.

Add Long-Lasting Beauty to Your Outdoor Space