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Durable Paving Systems in San Jose & San Carlos, CA

Providing clients with top-quality materials, cuts, and colors is among our highest priorities. We offer product lines from reputable, industry-leading brands to achieve desired aesthetics and function. Our partners design, manufacture, and distribute durable and carefully crafted materials, which we’re proud to offer to our clients. You’ll notice an instant difference in quality and beauty by selecting materials from one or more of the following providers:

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We’ll Help You Select the Perfect Paving

Proper paving is the most important component of any drive or walkway. That’s why you should always choose quality materials for your installations. With many options to choose from, our friendly, knowledgeable team will guide you. We specialize in helping home and business owners get the following:

  • The Perfect Materials: Our team will guide you through a quality selection of brick, natural stone, porcelain, and more.
  • The Perfect Cut: We make professional cut recommendations, ensuring your paving fits your property’s size and dimension.
  • The Perfect Color: Enjoy fabricated and naturally colored paving in many shades, tones, and aesthetics.

Choose From a Wide Selection

Garden Supply Hardscapes offers materials, products, and guidance on building exceptional paving systems with stores in San Jose and San Carlos, CA, serving the whole Bay Area. We are a family owned and operated landscape product company, helping customers throughout the process. Our seasoned knowledge, combined with materials from renowned brands, make us a trusted and reliable choice for elevating properties. We’ve helped home and business owners throughout the area achieve their ideal walkways and driveways. Our team is trained and highly experienced in all areas of landscaping and hardscaping.

The right paving materials can enhance your walkways, driveways, or outdoor features immensely. Whether you want a rustic or sleek aesthetic, bright or neutral colors, textured or clean cuts, Garden Supply Hardscapes will provide everything you need to make a perfect choice. We listen to our client’s visions and learn about their specific needs and desires. After gaining a complete understanding of their project, we can recommend products and explain why they’re suitable. We look forward to bringing your ideas to life.

Add Long-Lasting Beauty to Your Outdoor Space