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We also carry an extensive selection of bulk materials to help you prepare for paving and landscaping your property.

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Soils and Mulches

WONDER SOIL/PLANTING MIX Ideal for direct planting.
REDWOOD COMPOST For covering seeds.
NURSERY MIX/AGG. MIX Ideal for Conditioning Soil and Mulching.
FIR BARK Sizes. 1/4″, 3/4″ and 1-1/4″ (Mini, Small and Medium).
LANDSCAPE MULCH Black or Brown Wood Chips for Mulching.
SHREDDED BARK (Brown Gorila Hair). Used for mulching and weed control.
Conserves as much as 60% water use.
VALLEY’S PRIDE ORGANIC COMPOST Sold per 20 yards at a time (direct loads).
100% Organic. Ideal for conditioning and enriching soil.
FOSTER FARMS ORGANIC COMPOST 100% Organic. Ideal for conditioning and enriching soil.
*ACID MIX *Special Order Plant. Mix for Rhododendrons, camelias and azaleas, Etc.
TOPSOIL Screened Loam Used Mainly for Mounding and Fill.
PLASTER SAND – #1. (Fine) Salt Free. Used for Bricks, Etc.
PLASTER SAND – #2. (Coarse) Salt Free. Used for Stucco, Etc.
FILL SAND Used for fill. Not Washed. Salt Free.
TOPPING SAND Coarse. For Concrete, Pavers, Etc.
CONCRETE MIX Mix 5 Parts Concrete Mix to 1 Part Cement.
PEA GRAVEL 3/8″ Used for walkways and some patio areas.
DRAIN ROCK 3/4″ Regular landscape drainage.
CRUSHED DRAIN ROCK – 3/4″ Used for base and backing for retaining walls.
PERMEABLE DRAIN ROCK 1/4″ Used instead of joint sand for permeable pavers.
BASE ROCK (Blue Fines) Pathways and Walkways.
BASE ROCK CLASS II RECYCLED(Coarse) Used for base on Paver Driveways and Flagstone Yards.
BASE ROCK CLASS II NATURAL (Blue Coarse) Used for base on Paver Driveways and Flagstone Yards.
GOLD FINES or DG Pathways and walkways.
LAVA ROCK 1/4″ to 3/8″ Decorative Ground Cover
COBBLESTONE 1 1/2″ Decorative Ground Cover
COBBLESTONE 2″ to 4″ Decorative Ground Cover
COBBLESTONE 4″ to 8″ Decorative Ground Cover
PAMMIE PEBBLE 1/2″ OR 3/8″ Decorative Ground Cover
MEXICAN PEBBLE 1/2″ – 1″ Decorative Ground Cover

Polymeric Joint Sands

Alliance D P www.alliancedp.com
Techniseal www.techniseal.com


B P Pro Products www.bppro.biz
Belgard Paver Seal www.belgard.biz

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